estate agent

/ɛˈsteɪt ˌeɪdʒ(ə)nt/

a person that arranges the sale, renting, or 

management of homes, land, and buildings for their 


But we feel there's more to it...




Here's what some of customers say.

What we give to our sellers 

Accompanied viewings.

We are happy to try to arrange accompanied viewings 7 days a week. On call 8am til 8pm.  


Online presence. 

On the uk's biggest property website with 90% of all UK properties for sale and 35% more than its competitor.


Always someone to talk to.

We will give you a mobile number so that you can contact us between 8am and 8pm. If for any reason we do not pick up the phone we will call you back at the earliest convenience. If we say we'll call you back within the hour, we actually will. 


Realistic selling price.

No over-pricing just to get your house on the market with us. We would rather be honest with you and give you a realistic valuation, than make your property harder for you to sell.  


Best price possible. 

Advice on house dressing. You can make small changes that make all the difference to the way your home is presented. This all helps you to achieve the best possible price.


Low fixed fee.

No big, expensive cars to run, no £500 suits, which is why we simply don’t need to charge you a high fee.  


A weekly phone call.

To update you on the progress and insight to how your property is performing online and to ensure that you are happy with the marketing. 


No percentage fees ever. 

A fixed fee only and no add ons 


Quality Photography is included in the price. 

As it should be -  and you can pick your photos. 


Feedback given from the buyer direct. 

When you put your house on the market, we will give you "viewers notes". After each viewing, feedback will be entered and logged for you to read when you arrive home. If the property is vacant, we will email it direct to you. 


All the facts. 

Your viewers will ask a lot of questions. So that is why we will too. If we know the answers we can ensure that everyone knows everything. We will do a lot of measuring and fact finding so we can provide your potential buyer with all that they need. 


No underhand tie in. 

No long contracts. We won't trap you. If we don’t sell your house, we only take the set up fee. You get the rest back. 


No catches. 

Honesty. We want to keep your business - not lose it. We will always be upfront with you and tell you if there is a problem or something isn’t working. 


Add to that our very own referral program - tell us which our our referrers you choose - and when the property completes - we will give them £50. No catches. No tricks. Just £50 back into the community. 

Our Story

We are a married couple, Laura and David Priddle, and we want to build something together that makes a difference and follows our own moral compass, not only for our customers but also for us.

We both saw the great ideas and talents that each of us has to offer and we want to share that. Even our office is designed and built by us to look as close to our front room as possible. We are going to spend a lot of time there, so we want everyone to be comfortable. 

Laura began her career in South London, gaining valuable experience in auctions and residential sales, before moving back to the Isle of Wight to remain a stead fast part of a large corporate agent for 14 years. Having worked for three years in an East Cowes office she knew that she wanted to return to the town when she had the opportunity to choose. 


David ran a successful business for ten years before joining an independent estate agency in 2017, where he was taught by his mentor how to be a good and honest agent. He has since gained experience in residential lettings as manager at a corporate agency, learning estate agency legislation through extensive training. This new venture gives him the opportunity to return to his skill in graphic design, photography and video but back to the town where he spent his childhood. 

You may also recognise us both from the drama or music scenes on the Isle of Wight, both having performed on stage and in bands for many years on the Isle of Wight. Now performing as Atticus, we can be seen in our acoustic music duo at various Island pubs.

Why we did this

Our team, have all been part of the high street estate agencies, working for both large corporate and smaller independents. 


You must have witnessed the failings and demise of so many estate agents recently with the closure of the local offices and the failure of some online services.

We watched it happen and knew the reasons why. 


It’s such a shame to see, but the market has changed, but how can anything move forward, if no one chooses to adapt. Surely, the days of paying 2% fees, paying £400 for professional photos, paying extra for accompanied viewings or being forced to choose an in-house solicitor should be long gone. 


The price should be fixed, each photograph should be of the highest quality, viewings should be part of the package and a solicitor should be your choice based on price, work load and reputation. 


Why do you need to pay a hidden, extra cost for what should be included? 

Only by responding to these changes and adapting to new client needs, can a really good estate agent succeed. 

We know what it is to be a really good estate agent. 

All estate agents have different things to offer. Different ideas and different agendas. And we are not saying that is a bad thing, but we saw, on a daily basis, what we felt we could improve and rectify the mistakes that were being made. 


To "go alone" meant that we could gain the power to change these small and simple things. 


It was frustrating to not be allowed to adapt to what we feel that people want.  

Working as estate agents, we both realised that there is a huge gap in the estate agency industry on the Isle of Wight.


We saw simple techniques that could be implicated and daily mistakes that could be rectified. 


Consistant communication, honesty, a personal touch and a passion for property, rather than a race for the commision and pushy "sign here now" tactics would make for a better customer experience. 

An estate agent should work alongside you, not against you,  to improve the way that property transactions take place. 

Priory Mortgage Advice

We are dedicated to creating a meaningful, long-term relationship with you that is based on understanding, knowledge and commitment to progress. We are a company of action: proactive, professional and committed to creating long-term success and financial progression for you, our client.

We understand that everyone’s different, and that’s why our financial planning approach is as individual as you. We know the financial side of life can be complex and that’s why we work hard to get to know you and your aspirations through careful life planning and consultation. We then provide quality advice services and practical pathways to help you achieve the life you want.

With us, progress means development. Financial and life planning that helps you to navigate life’s financial complications, free of financial ambiguity and safe in the knowledge that the professional team is at your side, every step of the way.

Our team are happy to meet at a day, time and location most convenient to you, with no obligation to you. These meetings are usually arranged by prior appointment.

What is equity release?

If you are a homeowner aged 55+ it is very possible that the value of your house or flat has increased over the years and there is surplus cash (or ‘equity’) tied up in it. Equity release is a way of getting this cash out of your home without having to move.

The money that you release is tax free and yours to spend however you want, such as:

  • Making home improvements or alterations so that you can stay in your home longer.

  • Paying off your mortgage and/or other debts to reduce your outgoings.

  • Paying for holidays and large purchases.

  • Making gifts to family as part of your inheritance planning.


Is equity release right for me?

Equity release requires careful consideration as it will affect the value of your estate and (potentially) your entitlement to state benefit.

Our advisers will talk you through the options, answer any questions you may have and tell you at once if equity release is not the right choice for you.

They will look at:

  • Other ways of accessing the cash you need (such as using current investments or savings).

  • Whether you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to.

  • How equity release would affect your future entitlement to help with long-term care costs.


To help you further, here is a copy of the Guide to Equity Release provided by the government’s Money Advice Service. (On clicking the above link you will leave the regulated site of NRM Finacial Ltd. Neither NRM Financial Ltd nor Sesame Ltd is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within.)

How much can I release?

The actual amount will depend on your age and health, the value of your home and the particular company providing the equity release.

We do not offer an online calculator that forces you to leave your contact details as we feel they can be both misleading and invasive. We much prefer to have a chat when you are comfortable to do so.  However, as a very broad guide, you can typically borrow between 22% and 55% of the value of your property.

As an example, a couple in their seventies in reasonable health and with a home worth £300,000 could expect to raise up to £111,000 through an equity release arrangement.

What are the different schemes available?

There are three types of equity release available:

1)      Interest only lifetime mortgage - Borrow against the value of your home and repay part or all of the interest.

2)     Lifetime mortgage - 

        Borrow against the value of your home and either allow the interest to be added to the mortgage or make flexible payment arrangements.

3)     Home reversion plan - Sell all or part of your home in exchange for a cash lump sum and a lifetime rent-free tenancy agreement.


Our advisers will explain which of these options are available to you and the advantages and pitfalls of each.


Why use us?

We provide expert local advice in the comfort of your own home and with no pressure or obligation to take things further.

Our friendly and professional advisers will discuss your needs and preferences face to face and at your own pace.  We will assess your eligibility for the products available and help you decide whether equity release could be right for you.

We have access to a comprehensive range of providers, giving you the best choice possible.

If you decide to go ahead we will complete all the necessary paperwork and deal with everyone involved in the transaction on your behalf to make things as stress free as possible.

Welcome to Coast To Castle Property Services. A brand new estate agent on the Isle of Wight based in East Cowes and Whippingham. If you ae looking to sell your house in East Cowes then our new fresh approach could help you. We advertise on Rightmove, the UK's biggest property portal. Although based in East Cowes, we still serve the Island. We will travel to Newport, Cowes, Ryde, Wootton as well. You only have to ask. Our services include, mortgage advice, equity release and residential sales. Using traditional Estate Agents techniques we offer value at a lower fee, along with second to non professionallism. Call today on 01983 200007 or email for an al round Estate Agent with the best service. East Cowes is our home and we want to share that with you too.

Take your house from For Sale to Sold in the best time and at the best price. Your property should not suffer because other estate agents don't give it the right time.

Coast To Castle Property Services should be the first choice East Cowes Estate Agent.

The most important thing to remember is YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Your agent is there to simply advise you and to guide you in the selling process and market conditions but ultimately every part of the process is your decision. 


An agent, of course will work on your behalf, but you should never feel that you are being forced into accepting an offer or making changes that you do not feel is right. 


This is your home.  


The biggest asset you will ever own. 


It is imperative that the sale of it is handled in the correct manner. 


“What am I paying you for?“ is something you should never have to ask. You should trust that your agent is doing their very best to earn every penny. 

The most common cause of an estate agents disinstruction is the lack of feedback or dishonest communication. 


For example, ten potential applicants are reportedly viewing your property on Saturday afternoon. You tidy, you dress the house and you water the flower pots in your courtyard garden. You pack up the car with the kids and their toys, and head to the beach. By Tuesday you have heard nothing, so you call the agent. Unfortunately he is not in today, but he will be back tomorrow. Wednesday at 1pm, you call again. A message is taken and he will call you back. It is 5pm and the kids are hungry. The pasta is bubbling over, and the phone rings. It's him. 


"Sorry I've been in and out all day and this is the first chance I've had to call. Viewings went really well on Saturday thanks. Four people viewed. The others did not turn up. Two of them wanted larger gardens so they could have outbuildings, so they are a no-go. One hasn't sold their own house yet, it's going on the market next week. And the last one wanted four bedrooms not three. But don't worry, we will send the details out again today."   

One word - FURIOUS! - All the promises and excitement suddenly evaporate, and it is back to the drawing board. 

Would it not have been better if the agent had qualified the buyers before booking them in? Surely, you only need one buyer if it is the right buyer. 

Or you are told that your house is worth more than two other agents have suggested. You did the right thing and got three agents to value it. One said, £250,000, another said £245,000 and then the third suggests a whopping £300,000! 

It is a no-brainer. This guy thinks he can get £300,000 and he said that he has buyers ready to pay that price. Amazing. 

The For Sale board goes up, the online listing goes live, and you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

4 weeks of no communication and the phone rings. It is your agent telling you that your price is far too high and you should drop it immediately. 

The property has been advertised for a month and it now begins to look stale. The sudden price drop tempts in buyers who now think that you are open to even lower offers and desperate to sell. 

Even worse, both of these examples happen - and you are tied in to a 20 week contract. 

Would it be better if there was some alternative? 

How about a low fixed fee? Totally transparent so that you know exactly what you get. 


What about feedback books? Just some short notes of exactly what a potential buyer thinks, handwritten by the buyer themselves and ready for you to read when you arrive home. 


Follow up calls? A friendly estate agent who contacts you on a weekly basis to ensure that you are totally kept in the loop at all times. 


Qualified buyers? The estate agent knows that the buyers have the funds, and knows what they are looking for. 


Realistic prices? The right price in the first place. Realistic and based on current market conditions.


No contract length? Why do you need one? Do the job well and trust that your agent is doing the best they can. 


Video viewing tours? Many buyers are relocating from the mainland and beyond. If they could view the property before they get to the Isle of Wight then the process has already begun. Our video viewing tours are a must for any mainland buyer. 

The most important thing in this industry is time. 

The door does not close at 5:30pm. The answerphone does not flick on at 6pm. The lights do not go out until tomorrow. 

We understand that not everyone can view a house in standard working hours. We understand that a child's ballet class or football tournament is too important to miss. That is why we have chosen to work with the flexibilty to do a viewing at 7:30pm or on a Sunday if neccessary. It is our business. So we are on call to fit around you.  

Some sellers do not want the full package. 

That is why we offer our part services for a full bespoke customer experience.

The most important thing to remember is you are equally as important in this. You are putting your trust into someone you don’t know, to give you honest and correct advice and information. 

If there is something we know is wrong with the property, wouldn’t it be nice to have been told? You've paid out money for a survey only to be told something the agent already knew and did not disclose to you.

You have the right to offer what you feel the property is worth without being pressured into making an offer quicker or higher than you felt comfortable with. 

You also want to know, that your personal circumstances are not being passed on to the seller to be used against you in negotiations. 

Sadly, we can’t stop the situation of more than one person offering on the same property, this happens, but we can be honest from the beginning and guide you forward so you won’t be paying an unrealistic price just because you feel the pressure. 

No preferential treatment for anyone I'm afraid. All buyers will be treated equally and fairly. 

By establishing right from the outset what a seller wants to achieve and what you as the buyer are willing to pay, surely saves a lot of time and heart ache. If we do not feel that a deal is acheivable, we will not keep you holding on.

If you are struggling for time, then we can try to arrange a viewing in the evening or a Sunday. We have the flexibility to work around your busy life to view your dream home. Time is precious, but we have it. 

When buying a house it’s just nice to know what’s going on. It is probably the most money you will ever spend at one time. 

It is a scary and stressful process but with the right people handling it, it should be easy. We are here to guide you forward. 

Are You A First Time Buyer?

Ok. So, this is scary. Nearly every first timer feels the same. 


You are putting all of your hard earned savings into a house and you have no idea where to start. There is so much to take in and learn. 


We will be with you to talk you through the whole process from start to finish and advise you of the cheapest and easiest way to get through this as smoothly as possible. 


There are bound to be hiccups when buying a property, but if you know where you stand at all times, it is easier to handle. 

Financial Services

Buying a property can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this very reason that impartial advice is critical from competent and qualified advisers. Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to remortgage or even looking to purchase a second home. This is where our advisers excel.


Be reassured that our style is to guarantee reliable mortgage advice appropriate to any individual that makes contact with us.

Buying A House

When moving home finding the right mortgage and arranging it quickly is essential. Our expert advisers can help you get the best deal that’s right for you and also help you with the following:

  • Discover how much you could afford to borrow and the fees you will pay

  • Source the best options from the market not just your current lender

  • How much your monthly mortgage payments are likely to be

Don’t forget the importance of impartial advice!

You may be tempted to go back to your existing lender however it is important to remember they will only be able to tell you about their mortgage products. There could be a better option for you with another lender potentially saving you money.


Why Remortgage?

Your existing mortgage deal may be coming to an end and you’re about to move onto the lenders standard variable rate which could result in an increase in your monthly mortgage payments.

Remortgaging before your term ends could potentially save you money by switching to another deal or another lender. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider a remortgage, perhaps you want to cover the cost of home improvements or pay off more expensive debts.

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