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Isle of Wight Traffic... What?

Ok so I don't want to rant anymore than anyone else, but what exactly is going on with the traffic at the moment??

A journey on the Isle of Wight always takes longer than it should but why do Wightfibre, Island Roads and other contractors all choose to work at the same time???

It really is crazy since the summer. With ten minute journeys taking upward of 45 minutes.

Traffic lights are everywhere. It seems that they are on every junction, every road and every time of the day.

The problem we have is that there is often one road in and one road out of each major town. So to put traffic lights at every possible place along said road, causes chaos.

Recently we drove down staplers after a 38 minute tail back from Butterfly World, only to witness three men looking at a digger while another (presumably the driver) ran back toward them with a recently purchased can of Monster. - But at least he had his breakfast I suppose.

While I am all in favour of a Superfast Island, with Fibre ports for every home, is there not some other way of working that causes less disruption?

Island Roads, for example, often work through the night rather than 8am on a Monday morning, to avoid disruption to school runs and rush hours.

That said, and I promised I would never speak of it again, this over night working did cause me great distress when it was the turn of our road to be resurfaced.

They began at 8pm. With the intention of working through the night. With heavy machinery that was so loud that it knocked glasses off the shelves in our kitchen. The radiator rattled on its rawlplugs. And the sash windows barely took the brunt of the cacophonous attack.

At least it was only for one night... but could they not have chosen a better night than the finale night of Game of Thrones!!! 9 years! 9 years! 9 Years I waited for that... I could not believe my luck. The TV did not even go loud enough to be able to hear the dialogue.

Luckily, it was a major let down. Or I honestly don't know what I might have done.

I suppose the reality is, they just can not win. Late night work, early morning work. Either way there will be some level of chaos and carnage.

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