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After our first day reopen yesterday it has been a lovely start to the year. Truth be told, we have been working over the Christmas period, from home, and have been busy tying up sales and booking viewings. No rest for the self employed!

But the future looks fairly bright, with the political changes before Christmas and upcoming in January, which ever way you side, a more stable environment can only be a good thing. In the housing market, there have been many ups and downs over the last fifty years, but hopefully a swing to the positive is a long awaited reward.

With house prices expected to bounce up slightly in the next six months, and mortgage interest still at an all time low, there could be a benefit for everyone. Fingers crossed.

So here we go. Bring it on 2020. We are ready for you.

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Daily Mail:

A recent survey conducted found that three-quarters of Britons overestimate the impact that Brexit has had on house prices so far, so what’s really going on with the property market?

According to one expert, the relatively stable political situation brought on by the Tory party win, might lead to more significant growth in house prices for 2020.

When speaking about house prices for 2020, he said: “House prices grew incredibly slowly in 2019, with the political and economic uncertainty leading to rises of just one percent in England.

“There were larger increases in other areas of the UK, but the overall picture was bleak.

“While it is unlikely that house prices will suddenly spike in 2020, the relatively stable political situation brought on by the Conservative majority might lead to more significant growth.”

According to the expert, the significant growth in house prices will be due to a surge of property buyers in February.

He said: “The February Budget will no doubt affect the market, especially if there are reforms for first-time buyers, however, it’s largely expected that confidence will somewhat return and house prices will increase.”

He said: “The amount of homes on the market is still lower than it has been in previous years, so first-time buyers might struggle to find a suitable property.”

However, he did add that renewed industry confidence might potentially lead to a surge in houses being listed.

“Some sellers will have delayed putting their homes on the market until it stabilised and 2020 could be the year they were waiting for,” he said.

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