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7 Ways To Ready Your Home For Viewings

Here are a few helpful tips to get your home "photo ready" and showing at its best for viewings.

1) De-clutter as much as you can.

If you can tidy away that big box overflowing with toys, the large basket of personal paperwork and the pet food bowls it will make the property instantly more appealing. It is important that any potential buyer can see past your items and visualise their own, but not everyone can. So, pop the bottle of washing up liquid or spray bleach back in the kitchen cupboard, fold the bathroom towels into the airing cupboard and put all those pens in a drawer. However, don’t worry about the photos and finger painting on the fridge, this is your home of course and you don’t want it looking like a clinical doctors waiting room.

2) Keep bins, food waste buckets and bin bags out of the way.

They can make a room or garden look cluttered and don't look great in the photographs.

3) Make the room as light as possible.

Keep curtains open and blinds up where you can. It’s always nice to walk into a bright and airy room. We will of course turn on lights if it is dark or a gloomy day, before the viewer arrives, but the more that you can do to help will give the property an inviting feeling.

4) Make those obvious small repairs.

If you can make any small repairs eg: door handles, screw holes in the walls or anything that looks like it could cost money, it is always beneficial. Viewers will always over calculate how much they need to spend, therefore making a lower offer more likely.

5) Make it smell fresh.

If you can get a plug-in air freshener near the front door/hallway, it gives a great first impression as your buyers walk in. Some agents may advise you to buy fresh flowers, and if you want to, why not. We all know the "freshly baked bread, coffee and flowers rule," but it is expensive and unnecessary.

6) Lose the pets.

Just for the viewing or the photos. This might seem quite obvious, but you see many online property pictures with cats and dogs on beds and sofas. Don't get us wrong, we love animals, but not everyone does and it could be enough to put off a potential viewer.

7) Spend time on key rooms.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms that people judge hardest in a house. So, make them look as fantastic as possible. Simply by making small changes, clearing away the washing up, de-cluttering the worktops, putting the toilet seat down and putting toiletries away can make all the difference.

Remember, these are just pointers and not at all essential.

People will still make an offer on a property regardless of any of the above.

However, you want to get the very best price possible for your home, and this is an idea to guide you in what buyers look at when looking online and on viewings.

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